Fresh milk

Fresh milk is one of the most significant nutrients for the development of human body, and mostly for small children. Our milk is a qualitative product of higher nutritional value because it is produced solely on our farm, located in the village Mesti of Evros Pref. We make sure of its absolute traceability and same-day bottling. The high quality of our raw milk coming from our farm (see 7 vintage points) allows a mild heat treatment and that is why EVROFARMA’s fresh milk is characterized by unique quality, unmatched taste and freshness.

  • Full fat 0.5lt

  • Full fat 1lt

  • Full fat 2lt

  • Light 0.5lt

  • Light 1lt

Nutritional data
Key points

7 Stong points

12 Proccesing in less than 12 hours

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