According to Greek Mythology in Homer’s Odyssey, Cyclops Polyphemus was the son of god Poseidon and nymph Thoosa. He was a shepherd, living with his flock in a cave, and he loved the lyre. In Polyphemus cave, Odysseus was trapped with his men on his way home from Troy.

One of the caves rumored as Polyphemus’ home is the one of Makri, in Alexandroupoli.

Evrofarma within the frame of its new exporting philosophy is providing the series of products named “Polyphemus Greek products”, fully harmonized with international food standards of IFS and BRC. The export factor is rapidly growing over the last years and by now it consists the 20% of our company’s turnover, with a presence in 20 countries.

Key points

3 Months maturing at least

Exports organic feta

Evrofarma’s organic feta cheese is a product of Protected Destination of Origin (PDO), it is been produced by fresh sheep and goat (up to 30%) milk of Thracian sheep and goats of free range within the rich Thracian ecosystem. It is being matured in containers for at least 3 months. Our people’s taste, knowledge and patience are the basic elements that make Evrofarma’s organic feta cheese one of a kind. It has white colour, soft paste, rich in proteins and nutrients. Moisture < 56% and Dry fat > 43%. You can always ask for Evrofarma Feta cheese on cheese counters of your market.

  • Φακελάκι 150 gr

  • Φακελάκι 180 gr

  • Φακελάκι 200 gr

  • Τάπερ 400 gr σε άλμη

Nutritional data