Yellow cheese

Semi-solid cheese “Doirani” is being produced by cow milk, rennet, and salt. It contains dry fat 45% and moisture of 45%. It is of hard paste and mild taste. It is ideal for toast and sandwiches, but it is also consumed as a table cheese served with any dish. For those who prefer a low calories diet there is also the light semi-solid cheese “Doirani”, rich in nutrients but low in calories. You can ask for “Doirani” in cheese counters of your market.

  • 200gr in slices

  • 400 gr

  • 800 gr

  • 2.5 kg

  • 3.75 kg

  • Light 400 gr

  • Light 2 kg

Nutritional data
Key points

10 kg of cow's milk required for 1kg semi-hard cheese Doirani

1990 since semi-hard cheese Doirani has been produced