7 Strong points
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Cow"s nutrition Our cows’ nutrition is without soya. Feedstuffs, non mutated from local farms They use soy
Living & Suntainability In our farm we implement a protocol of good breeding practice that aim to our cows’ welfare. Our manures after aerobic composting are being used by local fellow farmers as organic fertilizers. Various practices. No aerobic composting.
Milk chill down time from cow From 37C to 6C in only seven minutes from 1 to 2 hours (this is too long)
Pooling and blending with many other farms Of absolute traceability. They are being produced by milk of highest quality coming from our farm. Milk is collecting and blending with too many milks from other farms
Milk proccesing time from cow In less than 24 hours From 2 to 3 days. (psychrophilic microbial)
Cows health Somatic Cell Count less than 200000 /ml Somatic Cell Count 400000 /ml
Hygiene of raw milk Total bacterial flora contained in the milk less than 1000/ml Total bacterial flora contained in the milk 100000/ml